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CU-Portland EDD Transfer fair - University of Wisconsin Stevens Point - Shared screen with speaker view
Kevin Pugh
To clarify, I'm not Dr. Pugh (yet)...but hoping to complete what I've started. I'm Ed.D. at Concordia-Portland, just finishing Phase two. :)
Marty Bullis
Thank you, Kevin! My apologies.
Kevin Pugh
Will you please address any on-boarding of transfer students?
Kevin Pugh
How do we "catch-up" regarding cohort development?
Carolynn Julien
I see that the deadline for the application deadline is March 20th. Which is a few days away. Is this the same deadline for CUP students?
Carolynn Julien
When is the start date of the first semester?
Wahlquist, Emily
We are willing to accept application packets with unofficial transcripts as long as official ones are received by our admissions office before you register for your first course.
Carolynn Julien
Are the semesters 8 weeks in length?
Kevin Pugh
I understand the value of the residency. However, I'm scheduled to be teaching a 10-day summer institute on restorative practices in education during that time. What options are available if I cannot attend (either in-person or virtually)?
Kevin Pugh
Thank you! I'm sorry I have to get to a meeting. I appreciate your time!