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CU-Portland EDD Transfer fair - Creighton University - Shared screen with speaker view
Leah Georges
Hi everyone, we're happy to chat with you today. Please feel free to send notes/questions via the chat at any time-I've got my eyes on it and will also send a few links along the way as well.
Marty Bullis
Thank you, Leah!
Leah Georges
Here is a link to our program's page on the University website: https://gradschool.creighton.edu/programs/doctoral-degrees/leadership/interdisciplinary-leadership
Leah Georges
You can find our program's course catalog listed here--including the learning outcomes, courses, course description, etc. here: http://catalog.creighton.edu/graduate/graduate-programs-courses/interdisciplinary/#text
Carolynn Julien
. Do you have an iterative process with as CUP has? Here are the details https://education.cu-portland.edu/student-resource-center/what-is-the-iterative-process/.
Jim Martin
A quick note for those thinking of applying: Please reach out to Denise Work. Her email is DeniseWork@creighton.edu and her office line is 402-280-2427